Başak Fit is a special service company which is established by bringing together professionals with very different characteristics who devote themselves to excellence, research for the development of products, learning and teaching.

Core Values

Core Values

*Providing quality, effective and fast service with minimum bureaucracy,
*Being a brand that is followed with continuous development,
*Being responsible to society and nature,
*Full customer satisfaction and fulfilling dreams,



Başak Fit is a special service company which is established by bringing together professionals with very different characteristics who devote themselves to excellence, research for the development of products, learning and teaching. Our company aims to be a leader in the field of plastic wrought iron and plastic fences both nationally and internationally, aiming to present quality and advanced design together.

Environmental Friendly Products

Whether on production processes or craftsmanship, the most important element of Başak Fence is secure and environment friendly policy. In addition, since the garden fences we provide are environmental friendly, we are able to present an aesthetic look without harming the nature.

Garden Fences and Us

. To learn more about our company that manufactures various products including garden fences, to examine our references and product models, you can browse in our website.

Corporate Sale

We have various projects and products for every budget. You can contact us or visit us in our General Management building located in İstanbul/Maltepe to look through our standard garden fence models and to make a payment plan. As Başak Fence, we are proud to serve our valuable customers with our technological equipment and professional crew who are experts in their field.

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Fence Pricing

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Service Areas

Başak Fences are providing specially designed plastic wrought iron, plastic pergola and composite fence solutions to various individuals, institutions, and firms with diversified manufacturing facilities.

  1. 1

    Green Areas

    Başak Plastic Wrought Iron are equipment produced to protect the green areas. Our fences manufactured to support the environmental solutions are widely used in parks, garden, and green areas

  2. 2

    City Halls and Institutions

    Başak Fence Plastic Wrought Iron is working with city halls and institutions. Başak Fence is supporting various organizations to conduct the projects which are prepared by the experts.

  3. 3

    Factory and Production Facilities

    We are mounting the wrought iron fences in a short time that are produced in special sized for projects such as diving the garden or an area into parts and creating special areas.

  4. 4

    Decoration Firms

    We are included in environmentally friendly projects of architects and engineers. We are happy to be involved as we care about our environment. We are continuing our work with constantly renewed projects and decorative wrought iron fenced.

  5. 5

    Construction and Architecture Firms

    We are providing both decorative and durable fence services with our specially designed and robust wrought iron fences to the new projects, green area and environment organizing projects of construction and architecture firms.

Service Understanding

Başak Fence Solutions

Customer Satisfaction
Fast Manufacturing
Experts in Plastic Wrought Iron

Başak Plastic Wrought Iron Production Stages


First, polyethylene raw material is mixed with various ultraviolet property preservative materials. After the mixing, the raw material is put into baking by latest technology plastic injection machinery.


After the “polyethylene” is baked, it is controlled using specially designed software in different pressures and temperatures. Later wrought iron casts are shaped and examined by the quality control team.


The wrought iron which complete the quality control process are prepared for mounting as they pass from wrought doors which are specially produced and designed for mounting and called “Galvanized Wheel Nut Stud”


On the other levels of production, they are put into “zamak” which is an aluminium cats metal injection machinery, and liquification is made at certain temperatures.


After the liquid aluminium is poured into special moulds form metal injection machines, moulds are prepared using strong pressurized steel arms for wrought iron.


The metal aluminium fixing which are collected using special tools by the machine operator are send to quality control units. After the quality control team examines the aluminium parts, they are send to powder static painting departments. Following the painting process, they are send to storage and shipping units with wrought iron bodies and prepared for packaging and shipment.

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