Wrought Iron Fence and Doors



Wrought Iron

Area of Usage

Wrought Iron: Application are made in areas such as Balcony and Terrace with desired measurements.
Doors: Applications are made in all sorts of varieties such as villas, building complexes, gardens according to your needs with desired measurements.

Product Properties

25 cm plastic modules, steel studs are interested into channels in the modules and connected and mounting is completed with plastic nuts in fixing profile channels. Using the channels located in four corners of fixing, fence could have 360 degrees of direction. The implementation enables the fence to be turned in four directions. Plastic fences are attached using galvanized aluminium fixing profile, steel, and smart nuts. Aluminium fixings are mounting to hard surface using aluminium cast bases. 10 cm galvanized steel dowels are used when the aluminium cast base is mounted on the surface.